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Our Mission

To create camaraderie, discipline, and acceptable behavior between our at-risk-youth, youth sports teams, and young adults through the efforts of America’s highly experienced: military combat instructors via wounded, ill, or injured warriors, and other service members, and veterans.

Successful Tomorrow

We will imprint amazing memories, changes in their behaviors, and long lasting atitudes for our young adults; enabling them for the greatest opportunity to have a successful tomorrow.

Outdoors Camping Experience

Camp Goalz has created an experience unlike no other, in which the outdoors camping experience emphasizes the “human effect” relationship building through the concept of Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

Long Lasting Relationships

This extraordinary evolution takes place in three or seven day camp like events; where the bonding of warriors makes long lasting relationships.

Our History

CampGoalz was founded in 2008; based in Huntington Beach, California. The company is lead by Air Force Veteran Michael P. Muller and Marine Corps Veteran Brian D. Vargyas who identified the need in the market for Teamwork Leadership and Communication (TLC) skills training.

Our Team

Each Instructor brings his/ her own personal epic experiences to facilitate individual growth and and mold the young adults.

With CampGoalz staff and with the cooperation of camp participants, we strive with fortitude into seeing our ultimate challenge be met.

We foster the fuel for both young leaders and veterans of our national military and wounded, Ill, and/or Injured warriors, in leading at-risk-youth, youth sports teams, and young adults live productive future lives.

"I have truly learned the real definition of teamwork and being a team leader.”

Quote by a Camper

How It Works

Teams are broken down into fire teams (usually teams of five). The students are taught the value of goals both at a personal level and most importantly at a team level.

Class size reservations start at twenty (20) participates “excluding” coaches and adult
chaperones when required and can be as large as eighty (80) participants.


We will employ the use of military bases, camp grounds (both public and private) and private properties.


Each individual is required to create a portfolio, which allows the instructors and team coaches to gage each player on a very personal level. In the portfolios are surveys taken throughout various stages of the camp. Questions on the surveys given to the players and coaches which delve into a large variety of topics designed to enhance Teamwork, Leadership, and Communication through collective effort of our strong non commissioned Officers (NCO) team.
Each Instructor brings his/ her own personal upic experiences to facilitate individual growth and and mold the young adults.


Camps are held during the week or weekend as retreats at-risk-youth, youth sports teams, and young adults looking to form a bond amongst unknown students or athlete working towards harnessing an advantage for a unified Small Unit Tactic (SMUT) style camaraderie for either their challenges they will face in life, team sports, or give hope to troubled youth. Participants will be required to perform throughout the entire weekend.


Make a Gift that Changes Lives!

CampGoalz, a motivational sports and corporate style training camp was created to develop individuals who are looking to set and achieve personal goals for their future.

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